ChatGPT says that asking it to repeat words forever is a violation of its terms

研究人員揭示,透過要求 ChatGPT 不停重複單字,能不經意洩露訓練中的個人資料。根據 404 Media 和 Engadget 的測試,現在這樣做違反了 ChatGPT 的服務條款。OpenAI 的內容政策中並無禁止此行為的語言,但 OpenAI 沒有回應 Engadget 的評論請求。 Critics have accused companies like OpenAI of using enormous amounts of data available on the internet to build proprietary products like ChatGPT without consent from people who own this data and without compensating them.

via Engadget

December 5, 2023 at 04:33AM


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